Wiri Central School

(09) 262 0594 or 027 262 0594 11-23 Inverell Ave, Wiri, Auckland 2104; PO Box 97148

Guidelines for Learning@Home   

Here are our school guidelines and expectations for learning at home:

  • Teachers are available online via Google Classroom or school email to support students earning at home.  Please respect teachers' classroom hours (9am - 3pm, Monday to Friday) and do not expect communication to take place outside usual school hours unless an alternative arrangement has been made  

  • Teachers will endeavour to reply to any messages made via email or Google Classroom within 2 school days (not including weekends)

  • Parents are not expected to be the school teacher - please support and encourage your child to complete learning tasks at home  

  • Parents are THE BOSS.  You decide how much screen/device time is appropriate for your child. If you think your child has spent long enough on a device for the day, ask them to put it away whether or not they have finished a learning task.  We will support your decision.

  • Children’s concentration develops with age:  

    • For younger students, Year 1-2, expect up to half an hour of focused learning at a time 

    • For students in Years 3-6 expect up to 30 - 45 minutes  

    • For Year 7-8 students expect up to an hour  

  • Break up focused learning time by letting children do other activities in between, e.g. complete a reading task, go outside and play for 10-15 minutes, complete a writing task

  • If a student uses Google Classroom inappropriately, the parent/caregiver will be contacted by the classroom teacher.  Misuse could result in the student losing their access to Google Classroom

  • Netsafe has lots of information about keeping children safe online. https://www.netsafe.org.nz/